Hypertext Essay

The Film and Television industry is one that is a part of almost everyone’s life whether you’re a film fanatic or just a regular person watching TV on a Saturday afternoon. This particular industry affects me in such a way that I follow it religiously and keep tabs on its latest products almost daily.

The first aspect of this industry I’d like to discuss is film, specifically the films that Hollywood and other large American based production companies create. Hollywood is the biggest film industry on earth, it creates millions of dollars of revenue each year, creates jobs and most of all creates pieces of art that continue to blow me away every time I see them. A lot of people will argue that most movies that Hollywood generates are tacky, over-the-top action films that are only made to make money, but I think that these people fail to see the effort and care that’s put into creating these films. These movies are created to entertain us and make experience something out of this world, and that’s exactly what they do thanks to the quality of the films that Hollywood produces. Hollywood can be seen as well oiled machine, when it fails to deliver, it loses its positive feedback and revenue, which was seen with the most recent blockbuster flop: Suicide squad, a superhero film which failed critically and was not the greatest success when it came to its revenue stream. Its just goes to show that Hollywood should bring back its focus to creating quality products rather than just churning out these sloppy blockbusters, because even though I enjoy some of them and appreciate the hard work put into them, its the negative feedback that hinders the Hollywood production companies.

Television is a completely different aspect when it comes to this industry, it needs to sustain itself by having a constant viewership and being high quality enough to gets the viewers back the following week. TV shows are something I have much less sympathy for when it comes to the lower quality ones, mostly because it always seems that the worst of the worst are the ones that are continuously renewed and loved by many, even thought they lack a compelling plot or any decent writing whatsoever. I could drone on for hours about shows that I hate and would love to see disappear but I don’t want to be too negative so I’ll just focus on the short & sweet things about the TV business. Much like movies, TV shows are a written story, but much longer and with more complication to them, which is what I find so impressive and compelling. Television is the aspect of screen arts that I respect the most, it is one industry that I would love nothing more than to be a part of and contribute to.

I’d like to finish this off with a quick explanation on how it think a film should be viewed. I think people should look at film and television from a different perspective. Look at them as a machine; with each aspect being a separate cog in the machine, if one fails to deliver, the whole thing falls apart. There are many aspects to screen such as direction, writing, sound, acting, cinematography and more, and I believe if all of these components work well and compliment each other, this is what makes a perfect film. There have been countless occasions in which I’ve seen great examples of excellent acting in a film, yet a lazily written script hinders the whole production, or the wrong casting choice. This is the problem that I think plagues most high budget films. A lot of the time it’s not even the fact that this aspect, such as the writer, is bad or unprofessional, it’s just wrong and doesn’t compliment the other components of the film.

So these are some of my brief thoughts on the Film and TV industry and how it works, I hope you enjoyed.




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