Making School Culture (Assessment 3)

For this assessment my group and I created a choose-your-own-path style interactive video that follows a new kid at high school. The kid is tasked with choosing where to sit in the cafeteria and whom he will sit next to. The options were to sit with either a jock, a geek or a hippie and different stories would unfold with each choice. 

I was in a group with Simone, Alyssa and Ean, three hardworking people that were dedicated to doing a great job. Our group stayed on schedule at all times and even completed our work ahead of the quota (much thanks to Ean’s fantastic editing skills)

During he first lesson we began to film the scenes. The scenes had been previously thought of and translated into a script so filming was straightforward with no unsure moments or forgetting the scenes. In the next few weeks we gathered to edit and chop the film to make the separate videos. Ean used Adobe Premier and did an amazing job too. 

This story is basically outlining the classic stereotypes that might be found in high school. Its places the viewer in the position of the new kid and forces you to make a bold and quick decision as to where they will sit. The choice will lead the viewer into a series of choices based on the character that they have chosen to sit with. Ultimately each choice ends with a quick summary as to how the viewer’s life and education has played out based on their choices.

This was a very fun experience that enlightened me to a new medium that I hadn’t even discovered yet. Making an interactive video proved to be a great way to reach our work out to the audience and let them enjoy the fun.  


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