What’s your favourite movie?

You’ve probably been asked this question a thousand times just like I have and if you’re anything like me, you cant answer it to save your life.

There are too many things to consider; is my favourite film the film with the best writing, the best soundtrack, the one made me laugh or the one that made me cry? The classic or the comedy? To get to the point, its not a simple question.

When it comes to myself, my favourite movie would be one that I could literally watch over and over without hesitation, but so far everything I’ve seen eventually becomes just another DVD on my shelf, and yes that’s right, I still use DVD’s, because if it wasn’t for DVD’s, we wouldn’t have the amazing Shrek 2 DVD menu game where all the characters compete in Far-Far-Away idol while Simon Cowell judges them.

I’m getting off topic, what I’m trying to say is that this question poses great difficulty to myself and others, and you should strive to hold yourself to one favourite movie, you should love several of them! Love as much as you want. I’ve seen so many movies I love that I’ve lost count. So don’t constrict yourself, get out there and start watching!





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