Emotions and Movies

To me, a movie is a piece of art that makes me emote more than anything else. when the acting and story is convincing, i find myself entranced into the world that I’m viewing on the screen. a great example of this is the movie UP. if you didn’t cry within the first 10 minutes of UP, you better get your emotional priorities¬†in check. the movies begins with a montage of the protagonists life as he grows from a young boy into an old man, all the while with his loving wife by his side.

SPOILER ALERT! the wife dies by the end of the montage, which is the biggest punch in the gut, but in a good way. it amazes me how these animated pixels on a screen and the incorporated music made me feel so sad. i mean, i personally haven’t had a wife die, or a wife at all for that matter, but it still made me empathise. i guess it reminded me of those I’ve lost such as grandparents or lots and lots of pets.

i think that a very important part of making a movie is making the audience feel for the characters. too many times i have seen a less than average movie where characters are killed off too early, or aren’t given enough screen time, and this causes us to not really care when they bite the dust.


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