Blog Marketing Plan


  • My blog aims to give people an insight in my personal feeling towards Film & Television. In the Blog i try to share my own insights as well as offer advice on certain career aspects that i have personally investigated. this Blog is established as being completely subjective, and while i may share some facts or figures, it remains as my personal opinion on this subject and should be viewed as such.


  • My Goals for this blog centre around spreading it through the online movie critiquing community. As i age and advance my studies and career aspirations in this field, i would like for the blog to become more well informed with professional advice. realistically, i would like to aim for at least 50 viewers per month as i start off my blog. i cant exactly imagine it being much higher than that as this topic is very common in blogs.


  • My blog is primarily aimed towards young people who aspire to work in the Film & TV/ Film critiquing industry, but is open to all ages that have the same interest. another characteristic for the target audience is people from Australia that aim to pursue their film careers in the U.S.A.


  • in order to reach my audience, I’m planning to advertise the blogs presence through the use of social media outlets, and word of mouth at my local university. advertising this blog on Facebook and Twitter is simple in theory yet can be constrained by a lack of followers. physical advertisement at the local university can be used, such as flyers, posters or stickers. advertising could also be done through the universities recent television program that is broadcasted in the agora


  • My budget comes down to the cost of using Facebook advertisement (approx. $100) and the cost behind producing the aforementioned physical advertisement (posters). the cost of broadcasting an advert in the local universities television station is unknown as it is a new station, but i would set aside another $100 for it.


  • My marketing program would ideally last for around 1-3 years, which is the time that a student would spend attending university, where the majority of the advertising will take place.


  • the blog would be successful if it had a constant increase in viewership, and positive feedback, showing that the content of the blog actually aided those with the same interests. as the blog aims to be present during ones schooling years in university, repeated  visits from the same person during those years would be a sign of successfulness of the blog.

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